Activities and Prospects

1. Introduction
2. Recent and Current Research Activities
3. Recent and Current Projects
4. National Plans
5. National Activities
6. Market Developments
7. Benefits to the Environment
8. Employment Prospects for Europe
9.Benefits for European Industry

9 Benefits for European Industry

European industry at the forefront in providing consultancy services to wind energy, and this should continue for offshore.? European offshore oil and gas sector experience of substructures, foundations and installation techniques is to some degree transferable to offshore wind.?See Garrad Hassan and Partners: “Measures to Increase the UK-Manufactured Content of Wind Turbines? ETSU W/45/00479/REP/1 1996 and “Offshore Wind Industry Capabilities in the UK? ETSU W/35/00530/REP 1999.

The Netherlands has a large number of offshore engineering companies, who would be capable of manufacturing the offshore engineering components, however, the lack of a local market has handicapped the development of a flourishing wind turbine manufacturing industry.

Europe is a net exporter of services and equipment to the wind energy sector, thus securing more jobs and wider economic benefit in Europe than that supported by the domestic market alone.?A mature European wind industry is in an excellent position to export to presently emerging or anticipated markets.

The technical advantage gained from European offshore wind farm development will be exportable to developing countries, which will provide new markets for wind energy industries & services. European developments will be a show-case for exports of consultancy services and equipment.

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