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1. Introduction
2. Recent and Current Research Activities
3. Recent and Current Projects
4. National Plans
5. National Activities
6. Market Developments
7. Benefits to the Environment
8. Employment Prospects for Europe
9.Benefits for European Industry

5   National Activities

5.1   National Organisations

Organisations that promote offshore wind energy are listed below by country.


There are no national organisations that currently actively promote offshore windenergy in Belgium.


·   Dansk Vindmoelleforening (Association of Turbine owners in Denmark);

·   Vindmoelleindustrien (Danish Wind Turbine Manufactures Association);

·   Energistyrelsen (Danish Energy Agency);; Includes all official hearing papers like EIA Studies for new projects

·   Energioplysningen (The National Danish Energy Information Centre);

·   Organisationen for Vedvarende Energi, OVE (Danish Organization for Renewable Energy);

·   Forum for Energi- og Udvikling, FEU ( Forum for Energy and Development, FED);

·   INFORCE (International Network for Sustainable Energy) ;


·    There is no specific organisation that support offshore wind energy but general information about wind energy is produced and distributed by

·   Finnish Wind Energy Association;

·    Vindkraftföreningen (Wind energy association of Swedish speakiong minority in Finland);

·    Motiva, the Energy Information Centre for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources.


·   Syndicat des Energies Renouvalables

·   L’Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maitrise de l’Energie, ADEME

·   Conseil Regional Nord pas de Calais


·   Greenpeace, Germany

·   German Wind Energy Association, BWE

·   German Association of Mechanical Engineering and Terotechnology (Manufacturer)


·   CRES, Center for Renewable Energy Sources

·   NTUA, National Technical University of Athens

·   ΔΕΗ-ΔΕΜΕ; Division for RES of the Greek PPC.

·   ELETAEN; Greek Association for the promotion of wind energy

·   ELFORES; Greek association for the promotion of RES

·   Greek Association of Investors in Wind Energy and RE


·   Irish Wind Energy Association recently set up a committee on offshore wind energy (‘In the Wind’)

·   Irish Energy Centre has a Renewable Energy Information Office which provides info and advice on all forms of renewable energy. (‘Energy Update Letter’)


·   Ministry of Environ.

·   Univ. of Bologna, Genova

·   ATENA, ISES Italy, ANIV, A


·   NEWIN,Nederlandsewindenergievereniging


·   Wind Power Association

·   Baltic Energy Conservation Agency (

·    EC BREC, (

·    Elektrownie Wiatrowe S.A., ( )


There are no national organisations that currently actively promote offshore windenergy in Spain.


·   SVIF The Swedish Windpowerassociation

·   SERO The umbrella organisation for all small scale energy associations

·   Fabrikantgruppen A new association for all OWEC manufacturers with a Swedish office.



·   BWEA (British Wind Energy Association )

·   DTI/ETSU (Harwell)


·   Greenpeace

·   Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

·   CREA


·   EWEA (European Wind Energy Association )

·   EREC (European Renewable Energy Council)

5.2   Media and Information

Sources of media and general information on offshore wind energy are listed below by country, followed by a section summarising the Europe-wide sources:


There are no major sources of information on offshore wind energy in Belgium.


Conferences :

·   Every year, a 2-day conference on the results of the Danish Wind RTD program (Danish Energy Agency). Proceedings only in Danish.

·   Wind Power in Denmark. Technology, Policies and Results and can be found on the Internet at

·   The two leading journals in Danish are: Naturlig Energi and Vindstyrke:

·   every year, the report: The World Market Update is published by BTM Consult

Projects :

·   Middelgrunden Wind Farm;

·   Off shore Wind Farms in the Eastern part of Demark (SEAS, E2); follow link to vindkraft

·   Off shore Wind Farms in the Western part of Demark (Elsam); follow link to havmoeller

·   Proevestationen Risoe (Risoe national Laboratory, Wind department);

·   Energi- og Miljoedata (EMD);


·   Tuulensilmä, periodical published by Finish Wind Energy Association

·   Vindögat, periodical p u blished by Vindkraftföreningen


·   French Wind Energy Conference (Narbonne December 2000)

·   “Systemes Solaires”, a French magazine on renewables contains articles on wind power

· centrbreedt.htm


·   DEWEK, German Wind Energy Conference 1998 & 2000

·   Workshops on Offshore Windenergy Use within the national research project “Weiterer Ausbau der Windenergienutzung im Hinblick auf den Klimaschutz“, organised by Deutsches Windenergie-Institut, Wilhelmshaven,


·   A number of national Conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions etc are organized each year by CRES and NTUA.


·   IWEA Autumn conference 2000 – Large scale wind development. Dealt with onshore and offshore wind energy.





·   Ingegneria del Vento, SolarExpo -Verona

·   ENEA reports, ISES Italy ,

·   ENEA OWEMES conference proceedings


No national conferences but Dutch organisations tend to take full part in European conferences and activities.

·   NEWIN organise regular seminars


·   Annual meetings of Wind Power Association,

·   International Seminar on Wind Power Onshore and Offshore, Sopot 15-17 December 2000

·   National seminar on implementation of wind energy, Kołobrzeg , March1999

·   Wind Power; Energy, Power, Environment; Przegląd Komunalny, Rynek Instalacyjny


There are no major sources of information on offshore wind energy in Spain.


A two days wind power conference supported by state money is held every second year. The last “Vind 2000” was very much focused on offshore wind power.

There are several commercial websites constructed by developers. Two uncommercial sites are:

·   Vindkraft. Nu: a site with lots of general information about the national wind power development and

· images from OWES and also onshore-based with focus on the beauty of wind power in nature.


Conferences and seminars

·   BWEA Annual Conference

·   BWEA Offshore Briefing meetings for members

·   Occasional ETSU workshops

·   ESPRC Offshore Wind Energy Network (OWEN) special topic meetings

Internet sites


Conferences / seminars / Trade Fairs

·   World Renewable Energy Congress

·   EWEA conferences

·   Sustain trade- fair, held every two years at the RAI. Amsterdam, last one in 2001; promoted ‘Campaign for Take Off’, an initiative to promote all forms of renewable energy. One of its targets is 10000MW of electricity generated by wind power by 2003.

Journals and magazines

·   WindDirections (monthly magazine of EWEA and BWEA)

·   WindPower Monthly,

·   WindStats Newsletter

·   Renewable Energy World

5.3   Research and Education

Organisations active in research including offshore wind energy topics and opportunities for education in the subject are listed below by country.


There is l imited academic research and education about wind energy and n one on off-shore wind energy specifically.


The main research organisation is

·    Proevestationen Risoe (Risoe National Laboratory, Wind Department);;

o   EWEC 2001 Course - From Wind to Power takes place at the end of June 2001.

·    Wind research activities are included in the overall research activities at the Technical Universities and Engineering Colleges.

·    No special offshore wind energy courses have been established until now but wind education courses are included in the different courses at:

o  Technical Universities in Copenhagen

o  Aalborg

o  other Engineering Colleges.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees can be obtained in accordance with the general Danish education system: You have to find a specific scientific subject, an RTD institution or Company who is working within or close to the specific subject and supporting your specific proposal. There after you have to ask for approval at the institution and apply for a grant if needed


·   VTT Energy; R&D:

·   Finnish Met. Inst.; R&D:

·   Helsinki University of Technology; master's course – not offshore specific


There is a research group in Nord pas de Calais

University studies on the impact on the seabed, Institut Francais de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer, IFREMER


46 institutions are concerned with use of wind energy; details can be found in the "Directory of German Wind Energy 1998"

Short Courses are organised by:

·   Deutsches Windenergie Institut GmbH

·   BWE

And workshops, including by:

·   BfN:

o    Workshop “Technische Eingriffe in marine Lebensräume

o    Workshop "Technical Impacts in Marine Habitats", State of the art summary on environmental impacts of offshore wind energy use – held 1999 (report avaoilable from BfN)


Research conducted in Greek Universities and Research Institutes covers the entire field of RES (wind energy, solar energy, biomass, geothermal, wave energy etc). As regards wind energy-offshore wind energy research is mainly conducted at:

·   CRES,

·   NTUA

·   and the University of Patras

Most Technical Universities, technical educational Institutions etc have integrated degree and postgraduate courses on RES in their programmes.

The Department for education of CRES is organizing annual educational courses and seminars on several fields of RES


·   University College Cork – wind energy forecasting, wind energy policy, market incentives, wind energy storage, energy trends. Recently developed renewable energy course materials with CREST (UK) and TUD (NL)

·   University College Dublin – wind energy resource assessment


·   University of Bologna,

·   University of Genova ,

·   University of Rome


·   Technical University of Delft; wind energy research is spread across several faculties, and co-operate under the interfaculty group Duwind. A total of about 40 people work full or part time in wind energy. The members are:

o    Section Wind Energy

o    Offshore Technology

o    Wind Turbine Materials & Construction Group (all in Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences)

o    Electrical Power Processing

o    Electrical Power Systems (both in the Faculty of Information Technology and Systems)

o    Production Engineering & Industrial Organisation

o    Systems & Control Group (both in the Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production)

o    Flight Mechanics and Propulsion (Faculty of Aerospace Engineering)

·   Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN); Wind energy research is undertaken in the section Wind Energy Unit, where about 45 people work full-time on wind energy research and commercial projects.

Students at TUDelft are able to take wind energy modules as part of their degree course. In addition, various external short-courses are offered by both TUDelft and ECN


·   Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza, Kraków


·   Polytechnic University of Madrid.

·   Departamento de Energética y Fluidomecánica


·   VKK

·   Kortkurserna på Högskolan i Visby


There are research gr o ups active and educational opp o rtunities in offshore wind e ner gy at the following institutes:

·   City University Wind Energy Research Group

·   Oxford University Wind Energy Research Group

·   CRES Loughborough University Wind Power Short Course; MSc Renewable Energy

·   De Montfort University Wind Energy Training Course

·   University of Reading Energy Group

·   University of York

·   Energy Studies Unit, Strathclyde

In addition, there are wind energy modules in many undergraduate courses

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