Smart Logistics

The EUROS Workpackage Smart logistics in a nutshell

Installation of offshore wind farms is considered by professionals as one of the most risky phases of the offshore wind farm’s (OWF) life-cycle. This statement is supported by the fact that the installation process of OWFs consists of complex and capital intensive operations which are subject to various uncertainties. These uncertainties are related to different factors such as environmental conditions, supply chain disruptions and events that may occur during constructions activities
(e.g. failures of equipment, crew mistakes).

Most of these are often excluded or described superficially in the planning phase of the OWFs’ installation, resulting in significant additional costs. Additionally, as the distance of OWFs from shore will keep increasing in the following years, the logistical challenges will also increase. Therefore, improved management of installation logistics and proper description of the associated risks will be crucial for the successful completion of OWFs construction.

Towards that direction, EUROS WP 3.1 “Smart service logistics” investigates probabilistic risk analysis methods to properly incorporate the before mentioned uncertainties into the estimated duration and cost of the installation process of OWFs. These methods will help in quantifying the uncertainties and will be part of an holistic probabilistic model. Ultimately, this model will assist in mitigating risks of the installation logistics and making optimal decisions in terms of duration and cost.