6  Ongoing Research Projects


Please refer to the appropriate sections in draft report regarding Activites and Prospects (Cluster 4)


It should however be noted that the five 150 MW offshore pilot projects in Denmark will all be subjects of environmental investigations, in fact the sites have in many cases been selected in order to thoroughly monitor and analyse environmental impacts. The project at Rdand, as an example, is situated in close vicinity to an important Special Protected Area (birds) and an equally important Special Area of Conservation (seals) and in the middle of an important bird migration path.


The studies will be closely followed by a group of international experts, under the secretary of a representative from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency. Furthermore, the Danish Energy Agency has compiled an advisory panel consisting of representatives from (national) environment organisations, such as WWF and the Danish partner of BirdLife, The Association of Danish Ornithologist.


Results will be published both in Danish and English.

1. Introduction
2. Environmental Impact
3. Conflicts of Interest
4. Social Acceptance
5. National Policies
6. Ongoing Research Projects
7. General Conclusions
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