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Grid issues: Sweden
Plans and Prospects
Offshore areas no exclusive zone for offshore wind, current projects: around the Swedish coast, mainly in the South.
Planned offshore windpower 560 MW, potential 7 GW
timing 2008
Transmission System
TSOs Svenska Kraftnät: 220 kV, 400 kV
Control zones and operators Svenska Kraftnät (entire country)
Synchronous Zone NORDEL
Final electricity consumption (2002) [TWh] 131,6
Generation capacity (2002) [GW] 33,2
Peak load (2002) 27.0 (2001); 26.9 (2003)
Minimum load (2002) 9,247
Power Generation Portfolio [GW]
Nuclear 9,452
Thermal (non-nuclear) 6,853
Hydro 16,56
Wind 0,345
others 0,00
Offshore Power Injection
Suited Substations Many substations along the Swedish coast
Substation Voltage today 70 kV, 130 kV, 220 kV
Offshore power limit limit in a small region 500 MW, for all Sweden > 5 GW
Grid issues
Grid code requirements Power quality, no power control, power curtailment, no simultaneous shut-down; frequency control not required, voltage control (reactive power); voltage and frequency ride through.
Balancing Svenska Kraftnät with balance providers, with penalties
Transmission bottlenecks Transmission bottlenecks for north-south transmission. Load centres are in the south, hydro generation is in the north. Offshore wind power in the south would not lead to increased congestion.
Necessary reinforcements no reinforcements for offshore wind power
Timing of reinforcements no reinforcements for offshore wind power
External Factors
Import/export/transit Export to UCTE and other Nordel countries, reinforcement of 3 transmission lines scheduled.
other factors
Trans Border Capacities
Offshore Cable
Connection, first projects Medium voltage AC: 30 kV cable, 30kV or 50 kV subs
Landing, first projects
Best option, long term not yet considered, depends on where offshore wind farms will be built
Connection and energy pricing
Connection charges for DG deep
Connection charges for offshore wind Offshore cable by an independent TSO and billed to the developer.
Priority access for renewables not mentioned in the legislation
Minimum price No minimum price. Support is via electricity certificates.

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