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Grid issues: Republic of Ireland
Plans and Prospects
Offshore areas No exclusive zones for offshore wind energy. Licenses granted mainly at the east coast.
Planned offshore windpower 570 MW, potential around 3 GW
timing 2010
Transmission System
TSOs ESB National Grid (will soon become EirGrid plc): 110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV
Control zones and operators EirGrid (entire country)
Synchronous Zone Island of Ireland
Final electricity consumption (2002) [TWh] 21,8
Generation capacity (2002) [GW] 5,4
Peak load (2002) 4,24
Minimum load (2002) 1,5
Power Generation Portfolio [GW]
Nuclear 0,00
Thermal (non-nuclear) 4,76
Hydro 0,53
Wind 0,14
others 0,00
Offshore Power Injection
Suited Substations East coast (220 kV substations):Finglas, Arklow, Great Island. 110 kV substations: many along the coast
Substation Voltage today 110 kV, 220 kV; no reinforcement needed
Offshore power limit 250 MW per 220 kV substation
Grid issues
Grid code requirements Power quality, power control, power curtailment, frequency control, voltage control (reactive power), voltage and frequency ride through.
Balancing EirGrid, no penalties for unbalance; short-term predictions oblogatory for wind farms above 30 MW
Transmission bottlenecks No bottlenecks identified. Reinforcements will be taken care of when necessary.
Necessary reinforcements not specific to offshore wind power
Timing of reinforcements Forecast statement until 2011 is just available.
External Factors
Import/export/transit Power exchange with Northern Ireland; HVDC interconnector Ireland-Wales is under discussion. Not related to offshore wind power.
other factors Interconnector Ireland - Wales under discussion.
Trans Border Capacities
Offshore Cable
Connection, first projects
Landing, first projects
Best option, long term
Connection and energy pricing
Connection charges for DG deep
Connection charges for offshore wind
Priority access for renewables
Minimum price Via bidding system, price cap for offshore wind: 8.4 cents.

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